Six Nations Cup - The Game of Rugby in Wales

Six European nations of Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France have played in the annual competition called the “6 Nations Cup” since it was formed (previously as 4 teams in the Home Nations Cup from 1881) in 2000.  Wales has won the 6 Nations Cup 26 times since then and I remember Wales being such a strong and winning team in the 70’s.  The period 1969-1979 was called the “golden era.”  Wales has won 47 of the 70 “6 Nations Cup” games played since 2000.  A Grand Slam is when a nation beats the other 5 nations on their way to the title.  Wales has won the Grand Slam title 11 times since 1908.  Quite a feat!

Welsh Rugby Team

Rugby arrived in Wales in the 1880s. Rugby is the national sport in Wales and is a huge part of Wales’ culture with patriotism and singing in full view.

The 6 nations Cup will be played this year from Saturday, February 1st to Saturday March 15th, 2014.

Here's the latest from "Wales captain Sam Warburton has allayed any fears over his fitness for the forthcoming RBS Six Nations after admitting he expects to be back playing later this month." So, a full strength team will be ready to repeat last year’s Grand Slam win. The games are as follows:

Sat, Feb 1: 7:30pm (EST)

Sat Feb 8: 7:30pm (EST)

Sat Feb 22: 1:00am (EST)

Sun March 9: 8:00pm (EST)

Sat March 15: 7:45pm (EST)

Look for them with your cable provider and online.